Little Moments 2020 9/52: New School, Dentist and Pizza Picnic

If you follow me on facebook you will know that Blake finally got his EHCP and got accepted into the local specialist school. This week was Blake's first time there. Currently he is doing  9 til 11:50am and has settled in so quickly compared to when he started in Mainstream school. This has made us realise more than ever that we have made the right choice for him to go into a SEN school. 

His new school is a bit of a longer walk to get to and we have to go up a hill. This week we've been all trying to get into a new routine and we are so proud of Blake with how well he has settled. I just know that Blake will flourish there and he really does seem so much more happier.

This week Blake also had his first dentist appointment. It's something we had been avoiding as we thought he wouldn't cope and after speaking with a local health visitor we got referred to a specialist one for children, people with additional needs or dental anxiety.

Blake was good as gold and was happy to sit in the chair. They had to use a toothbrush with us singing to let them look as without he kept his mouth clamped shut. Once finished they let him choose a sticker and have another appointment booked in for 3 months time.

Because Blake has had a super week on friday we chose to treat him to a pizza picnic. We had originally planned to go out to the local carvery place as Blake loves the kids pizza they do. But unfortunately the weather was so wet and cold so I decided on a  pizza picnic which was a huge hit with Blake.