Little Moments 2020: 10/52 : The school run

Getting up in the morning is hard, especially if you are like me and are definitely more of a night owl. This past week we've started getting properly into our new routine. Blake is now in school full time and I'm not finding the school run that bad.

Don't get me wrong I know there are going to be days where the idea of trekking up that hill is the last thing I want to do. Especially when it's pouring down with rain and I know by the time I get home I'm going to look like a drowned rat.

This week I've been feeling rather low. It's nothing to do with Blake being in school full time. I unfortunately get these moments and sometimes they can last a day but other times longer. Unfortunately this week it's been the later but the school run has actually been a positive for me.

Getting out in the fresh air and the feeling I get once I've got to the top of the hill has made me feel so refreshed. I'm loving the way the light comes through the trees and have been enjoying hearing the birds as well as spotting the horses in the field we pass.

Blake is enjoy the walk too and loves pointing out things he spots along the way. 
After school he loves to pick up any daisies he spots along the way and the odd stick or two. However on Friday we had a branch he decided he wanted to carry all the way home. It was bigger than him but I couldn't get him to leave it or put it down so it's now ended up in our garden.