Review| Suzy's Crafty Creations

Ad – Review. I was sent a Duckie from Suzy's Crafty Creations for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

I hope everyone is doing ok in these struggling times at the moment? To brighten up your Friday I am sharing with you a little business Suzy's Crafty Creations who sell a wide range of handmade items.

Suzy sells a wide range of handmade items for every occasion such as decoparge shells, jars, coasters , boxes, light up bottles, her popular duckies and more.

I was excited to receive a duckie of my choice from Suzy.  She has a wide range of  different styles such as general decoparge or painted, ones in tutus, ones that are decorated with foam roses and ones in different fun outfits.

Suzy has duckies in 4 different sizes 23cm, 27cm, 35cm and 40cm. Prices start at £10 for a 23cm webbed feet duckie that is either painted or decoparged. 

I opted for a tutu duckie which is such a fun design. For a painted/decoparge duckie you choose the size, if you want a webbed feet or booted, the body base colour, hearts or decoparge design. With regards to the tutu you can choose from a range of tulle colours:



Baby blue





Baby pink







If you are not sure which colour/ colours tutu to have , then why not treat your self to an extra one so you can swap and change it around , these are available at £5.00 each for the 23cm and 27cm duckies and £6.00 each for the 35cm and 40cm duckies .

What I love about the tutu duckie is it means your duckie has 2 looks as you can opt to take off the tutu if you wish.

I'm in love with the decoparge design I opted for.  The duckie is well made and you can see that Suzy takes pride in how she gets the designs onto her duckies perfectly. The tutu is beautiful made and is easy to pop on and off your duckie as required.

I've actually given my duckie a name she is called Edwina. It was a name that came to me and feel actually suits her. She has pride of place on one of our corner shelves in our living room. 

I'd love it if you would support Suzy's Crafty Creations  you can find her on: