Vehicle Inspection for Used Cars: Is It Worth It?

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Purchasing a used car allows drivers to save a substantial amount of money when looking for a vehicle, but there can also be factors of purchasing a used car that need some serious consideration. 

Some people may find vehicle inspection for a used car a necessity, whereas others may feel that such an investment is a waste of money. 

Ascertaining as to whether a vehicle inspection is worthwhile can depend on the requirements of the person, but those looking to have a used car inspection carried out need to consider factors before parting with their money. 

Is an MOT Not Enough When Purchasing a Used Car? 
The United Kingdom is unique in that it is one of the few countries that enforce the checking of a vehicle every 12 months. 

An MOT takes an average of 45 minutes to complete and costs around £50. Some of the more common reasoned a vehicle can fail an MOT include a shortage of screen wash and stickers on the windshield. 

While such issues may mean a vehicle fails its MOT, they won’t be issues that stop the purchasing of a used car.

It’s also worth noting that an MOT only shows that a vehicle passed the requirements at the time the test was carried out and doesn’t allow for any faults incurred since the MOT. 

How Does a Vehicle Inspection Differ From an MOT? 
To ascertain as to whether a used car inspection is worthwhile, it’s important to understand the differences a vehicle inspection offers in comparison to an MOT. 

What’s included with a vehicle inspection can depend on the company, but it’s not unusual to find the checks are carried out in relation to the following: 
Engine and Gearbox 
Interior Features 
Bodywork Condition 
Interior Features 
Signs of Accidental Damage 
Evidence of Poor Maintenance 

When compared to the checks made with an MOT, a vehicles inspection can be more informative as to where a used car should be purchased or not. 

The Benefits of Vehicle Inspection for a Used Car 

As well as carrying out a series of checks that ensure the vehicle is safe, the use of a vehicle inspection also ensures that faults and defects aren’t being covered up in order to sell the vehicle at a higher price. 

In many instances, if something seems too good to be true, then it generally is. A used car that isn’t showing any signs of wear and tear could mean that all is not as it seems with a vehicle, and the use of a professional can ensure that first-time buyers aren’t hoodwinked when it comes to purchasing a used car.

The Drawbacks of a Vehicle Inspection 
Although there are benefits associated with a vehicle inspection, there can also be drawbacks. For example, just because a vehicle is roadworthy when inspected doesn’t mean that there won’t be any issues with the vehicle in the future. 

Even a comprehensive vehicle inspection will not factor in every single detail, so there can still be some background checks that need to be carried out, such as a HPI check. 

In short, a vehicle inspection for a used car can be worthwhile, but it’s also important to note that suit some people better than others.