So Slime Glam and So Slime Sweet Slimelicious

Ad – Review. I was sent the So Slime Glam and So Sweet Slimelicious for review purposes and all thoughts are my own

Children love it, parents hate it but slime seems to be here to stay. So Slime DIY kindly gifted us some of their new slime sets. Both of the sets have different scents available and so brings another sensory aspect to slime for Blake. 

Making the slime is a tad messy but luckily not majorly messy to the point of needing to spend ages  cleaning up. 

The first set we were gifted is the new So Slime Glam, a collection of beauty and scented slimes. In the make up set you get shakers that are designed to look like lipstick, nail polish and I think it's a foundation. There is also another set where the shakers are designed to look like perfume bottles. This is a great idea for children who love beauty. Admittedly Blake wasn't too fussed. As well as the 3 shakers the set also comes with 3 different scented slime powders which are also in different colours  and 3 bags of decorations to make the slime all sparkly.

Making the slime is actually pretty simple you just pour the slime powders into the pot and add water up to the line. Pop the lid on and give it a shake for 30 seconds. Then you pop off the lid and wait for 5 mins and then add the decorations.

The next set we got gifted is the So Slime sweet slimelicious. This cute little set comes with slime powder to make 6 different coloured and scented slimes, 3 bags of cute decorations, 2 surprise slime charms and 2 mini shakers. The set we were gifted had a mini cupcake and mini nutty shaker but there are others available in the sweet slimelicious range.

Making the slime was the same as with the other set so we got out both sets and did them at the same time. I must be rubbish at making up slime though as I found with both of these sets that some worked out fine and others either have turned out really runny and others have been very clumpy.

I've had this before when trying to make slime though so there must be something I'm not doing correctly. 

Overall I think these sets are great for those of you that love slime and like the idea of making up slime yourself. They are a great price at £9.99 each which is reasonable in my opinion. I like that it's a simple activity to do as you have the making up of the slime and then the fun of playing with your creation once it's ready. It's also great that you only need the slime powder and water and glue isn't needed. 

You can purchase the So Slime Glam and the So Slime slimelicious sets at places such as Amazon, Argos and Symths Toys.