Home Learning: Week Two

Our second week of home learning has gone well. The next two weeks are the Easter holidays but I've decided to fit some learning in but it's going to be a bit more relaxed.

We had slept dreadfully, Sunday night so we were all abit run down today. I made sure that Blake did the Teach My Monster To Read app. He did have a lot of free time today but I made sure to do lots of counting with things he was interested in, number songs, books that kind of thing. Amazon arrived with one of the Easter gifts we got for him and I let him have it early. Blake loves sticks and would collect them on the way to and from school and now he has his own stick man.


A much better nights sleep for all of us meant we got alot more done today. I had quite a few phone calls to chat about education because Blake has EHCP there is a chance depending on his school that they may reopen soon and he can go back if we choose, although it's all up in the air at the moment. 

Todays learning involved:
 -Phonics with the Teach My Monster  To Read app 
- Numberblocks app ( dvd on order)
-Shapes puzzle 
- Bodyparts puzzle 
- Patten blocks and boards
- Animated singalongs with Barefoot Books
-Watching Stick Man on prime.


Another good day for learning and I chose to do a theme as there was a live on Facebook of an aquarium I thought a sea and fish theme would be fun to do!

So today we did: 

- Phonics with Teach My Monster To Read app 
- Number Blocks app
- Counting Cones game from Orchard toys 
- Watched a live over on Facebook from the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth 
- Read books relating to see creatures 
- watched sea related song videos on youtube including an animated singalong with barefoot books.
- Fish craft 
- Watched a film we found on prime called A Turtles Tale -Sammys adventure

I decided a more relaxed day of learning today. I chose a dinosaur theme as Blake is into them at the moment.

So today we did: 
- Phonics via the Teach My Monster To Read app 
- Animated singaling from barefoot books called the Dinosaur Rap and also  If you're happy and you know it 
- Various books featuring dinosaurs. Our favourite is the Usborne Peep inside Dinosaurs but we also read a few of the Dinosaur pooped books and trinosaurous drip.
- Dinosaur Garden which I had picked up last year from aldi and we eventually got around to doing. 

Confession we did no learning today. We are all struggling with being around each other constantly at the moment and its resulted in quite a few disagreements. We decided to just do our own thing because we all need a day off don't we.