I'm so thankful right now that we live in an age where technology means that we can stay in touch with family and friends more easily. 

We don't see our family that often anyway but our plans to visit in June have been stopped due to the Coronavirus. We were originally going over as I was to have a party to celebrate turning 30 and it would give us a chance to see everyone. 

Now that has changed we are making the most of video chats via Facebook. I'm especially loving this as it means I'm still getting to see my nephew Harry as he grows.

I've not been forgetting friends though and have made sure to keep in touch with them. I've also made sure to speak to my nan at least once a week. She must especially feel lonely right now shes in her 80s and usually likes to go out and about to keep busy. 

I think while we are in this situation of needing to stay home it's important more than ever to reach out.