We are on the third week now of learning at home. We took 2 weeks off for the half term but have been back on it. 

Instead of sharing this week what we have done each day I thought I'd share instead the resources we have been using this week. Most days have been pretty much the same this week so I thought it would be too repetitive otherwise.

For phonics we have been using both the Teach my monster to read app and the Carters Yard Cards with the zappar app. They are both fun ways of helping your child to learn phonics. I've been learning a thing or two as well as phonics is a new concept to me.

We have quite a few different workbooks for Blake but the ones we have mainly been using this week are 2 by Kumon. The first one is tracing as we are trying hard to help Blake to gain pencil control as he struggles with this and is pretty much still at the scribbling stage and needs a lot of hand over hand. The second is the sticker and paste kumon book as again this is an area Blake needs practise on.

Learning books
Everyday I try and do a different book with Blake on his leapstart. We have 5 different ones currently so it's easy to do a different one each day although he does a preference for the number ones.

We've been using out of the ark music the most this week. It was reccomend by Blake's school. We've also been watching the barefoot books musical stories on youtube along with one of the books he was gifted from the in laws for Easter.

We mainly just done alot of counting while he is playing but the Numberblocks DVD is a hit with him too.

Shapes and colours
Mainly we've used the leapstart book for this. But he has also been doing puzzles and pointing out colours and shapes in everyday life.

Arts and crafts
Weve had the paint sticks out this week but our favourite craft activity was painting stones to brighten up our garden.

Blake is back into school for 2 days as of next week. We will however be continuing with learning at home on the 3 week days he isn't.  I hope the resources weve been using this week have helped you with a bit of inspiration.