We have been blessed with another week of gorgeous sunshine. This has made a difference to our Easter. This  has meant spending most of it in our garden so that we still got some fresh air and haven't struggled as much with cabin fever. 

Blake loves paint sticks and we have posted out some art work to family members and on Wednesday we got around to finally doing our rainbow for our window. Blake also did an Easter egg design that is also up on our window.

As I've mentioned we've been out in the garden alot. I've tried to make what we get up to fun for Blake. We've taken out a beach towel each day along with drinks and toys. We've had books, music and games which have been a huge hit with Blake. 

We don't have that many outdoor toys so whilst a water tray was on order I found a small tray to fill with water and bath toys so he can still enjoy water play. It was a huge hit with him and he also especially loved me bringing out the kinetic sand to play with too.

Another crafty activity we did together was making characters out of foam egg shapes. We did a little chic, super egg and a bunny. I'm thrilled with how they have turned out.

Today the water tray arrived so Blake was straight outside when he saw I was filling it up for him. We are just awaiting for a few toys to arrive such as boats and a water mill so he can enjoy water play even more. The water tray is a great size and can be used for other things such as sand and slime so it's definitely going to get some use.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter despite needing to stay home.