Pot of Depression

Over six weeks I'll be having therapy over the phone. This week was my second appointment. We had previously discussed  and decided to focus on low mood and depression.

She had sent out a booklet during the week and today we were discussing in a bit more detail about understanding depression and low mood along with the impact it is having on me. The booklet is about normalising it all.

One of the things we were talking about is my pot of depression. Everyone's pot of depression is different and it's the things that contribute to low moods.

It can be hard to pin down one reason its mostly likely a mixture of things that are in your pot. It can be things such as inactivity, unhelpful thoughts and low serotonin. It can be things such as the current situation with Coronavirus, relationship issues, money worries, health worries, your kids. All these things go into your pot of depression. So we talked in detail about what's in my pot as it's important to recognise what's in it.

This week I'm to fill in the section of 5he booklet about how my pot of depression is impacting my behaviour, thoughts and how I am physically. This is so that I recognise them and can discuss them at next weeks phone appointment. I'm also to fill in a section setting myself 3 goals I want to achieve over the next 4 weeks.

I'm also to record what I'm currently doing each day. There are 2 boxes each for morning, afternoon and evening and I'm to just include the main 2 things for each section. The point of this is about behavioural activation which is something we will be discussing at my next appointment.