Incase you didn't know I turned 30 on Wednesday. Originally I was to have a party on the 13th and had hoped to a do a spa day with Stuart on the 17th (my actual birthday).  Unfortunately like a lot of people plans have had to change due to the Coronavirus.

So I celebrated at home with both Stuart and Blake. It was a quiet one but at the same time was a really lovely day. I did have a moment where I felt upset that I wasn't able to see my family and I especially feel so far away from them at the moment.

One of my treats for my birthday was having afternoon tea delivered to the house by a lovely little local company. I was excited by this as I love afternoon tea and the little cafe who was doing them is one of our favourites we found after moving up here last year. They delivered by popping a table at the front door with the box on for me to collect so that they could keep to the social distancing rules. 

The afternoon tea was absolutely delicious. We ordered for 2 since Blake is a fussy eater but we did share some cake with him as he wanted to be included as well as have his own bits he likes to eat.

I also had some cheesecake slices delivered from yet another local company which were absolutely delicious. They were in the following flavours: Biscoff, Black Forrest and Mars and Carmel . The Black Forrest is hands down my favourite out of the 3 flavours. The Mars and Carmel was for Blake as he absolutely loves this one.

We did end up eating the cheesecakes after my birthday as we really fancied a Chinese as very late dinner.

I've been incredibly lucky with gifts this year and definitely found people know me well. My gifts consisted of jewelry, books, a book light, a book themed mug, personalised notebook and pen, a massager and Amazon vouchers. I'm sure at some point you will see what I got in other posts such as my monthly likes and loves and also I'm still  doing the 100 happy days challenge over on Facebook and Instagram.

I ended my birthday by enjoying a couple of glasses of prosecco with added rose gold shimmer. It was actually quite mesmerising watching the shimmer.