The summer holidays are here and tomorrow is August. We've had a mixed month and I feel July has flown by.

Here are some of the things I've been loving this month.

13 Reasons Why Season 4
Season 4 focused alot on the character Clay's mental health. I'm not going to say much else incase you are yet to watch it.

The Sinner Season 3
What I love about The Sinner is that it's a different mystery each season but follows Detective  Harry Ambrose in each one. This season is about Ambrose beginning a routine investigation after a traffic accident. I do love a good mystery drama.

I'm actually only a few episodes into Cursed but really into it. It's a fantasy drama retelling of the Arthurian legend. Teenage sorceress Nimue joins forces with a young and charming mercenary named Arthur on a mission to save her people.

Whisby animal park 
We've been here a few times last year but the other week with a visit from family we visited here again. It's a lovely place where you can see animals and there is an outdoor play area too. They also had good social distancing measures in place.

Parks being back open 
Blake loves the park so the fact that one of our favourite local parks is back open has been wonderful. It's the other side of town to us so a fair walk but we will be visiting again this coming week.

Kings park Retford 
We love Kings Park it's a beautiful area with lots to see as well as a good sized park to play at.

Strawbunny Pin Badge
I backed Emma from Lucky Rainbow Boutique on her kickstarter and I love how cute and colourful the pins have turned out. If you haven't checked her out than you must.

Kreative Kids craft sets
I've purchased a few of these sets off of Amazon recently and they are a wonderful cheap way of keeping children busy for a little while. This foam dinosaur one was a hit with Blake and we have also done a sequin kit and a foil art one too. 

Cooplands bakery
I headed to our local Cooplands bakery whilst running some errands recently to grab some lunch. This tomato and bacon quiche with salad was delicious. The cream cake I had and didn't photograph was delicious too. 


Not sure where July has gone and I thought June had gone fast. It's time to share what I've been reading the past month and I've found that I've got my reading mojo back.

I've managed to tick off 5 more prompts for the popsugar reading challenge and read 2 books outside of the challenge too.

Ten poems of Kindness by Jackie Kay
I started the month with a short 28 page book filled with 10 wonderful poems of kindness. It's important to be kind especially as you don't know what someone maybe going through.

Never Forget by Michel Bussi
This was for a book tour which you can read about here. However if you don't have time to read that post it's a crime/physiological thriller.

Heart so Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer
I ticked this off for the prompt a book with a map. I'm getting into the fantasy genre alot more and this one is the second in the series of a modern Beauty and the Beast. I personally enjoyed the first one A Curse so Dark and Lonely much more but this was still a good read.

Half a world away by Mike Gayle
This is my first read by Mike Gayle and I've now added more of his books to my book wishlist on Amazon. Half a world away is about two siblings that went into care and have different upbringings. I wont go into much more detail but it was definitely worth the hype, I had heard about it. The propt I used this for was a book reccomended by your favourite blogger/vlogger/podcast/online book club. I'm in a few book related groups on Facebook and this one has been mentioned alot and was a pick one month in the Claire McIntosh book club.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi
I love it when a prompt makes me find a book I'd have never had opted for otherwise and this was one of them. This was for the prompt a book set in Japan. I really enjoyed this read which features time travel as the main topic. The concept of the story was interesting and I'm glad I chose this one for the prompt.

The Choice By Claire Wade
Described as a distopion novel the choice is about a prime minister who comes into power and lives are in constant fear due to the strict rules in place. Sugar is banned, baking is a crime and the government monitor what you eat. I picked this for the prompt a book with an upside down image but this can be used for the prompt a book by or about a world leader but I've another book for that prompt. 

Old Baggage by Lissa Evan's
Picked for the prompt a book set in the 1920s. Old baggage is based in 1928 and tells the story of Matilda Stimpkin who was a suffragette in her youth who was jailed five times.


This week has been more laid back especially now that my in laws have gone back home.

Monday was the last day with them before they headed home so we spent some time at Kings Park in Retford. Kings Park is a  beautiful place and we will definitely be going back a few times this summer. There is quite a few areas of the park we are yet to explore but Blake enjoyed playing all the slides the big one was a hit and so was the round about.

Tuesday I had to go to get a blood test done to see how my blood sugar levels are. I'm still awaiting the results of that.  On the way home I popped via local bakers to grab some lunch the tomato and bacon quiche and salad I picked up was delicious.

The rest of the week has been rather laid back. Blake's been playing out the front with his friends, we have watched his favourite tv shows and I also got out a foam craft kit to keep him busy for a bit. 

Styling Fashion Hacks to Earn Extra Cash

Source: Unsplash

The various forms of community quarantine worldwide have built some frustrations among many. Being indoors all the time can take a toll on you.

Now more than ever, people are getting to understand the importance of nature. Research shows that spending time in natural environments improves mood and mental health. But it is not all gloom. There are activities you can do to improve your mood while at home.

Why not use the time to clean out your wardrobe? Think of it as a therapeutic closet-cleaning party. A cluttered closet can have a negative psychological effect on you. 

While you’re at it, you can make an extra coin. How?

#Hack 1: Rent Out Your Closet

Sure, people rent out cars and apartments. How about renting out your closet?

Remember how you are always raiding your sister’s or friend’s closet? Goes to show that everyone has some trendy wear that others would love to have. 

Yours can be a quick, on-demand service—perfect for a last-minute party. Get more out of your clothing by renting them out for a fee. This also applies to your fancy handbags, elegant jewelry, and designer shoes. 

Advertise via word of mouth or social media platforms. Be open to people coming for a fitting. Consider using rental sites such as Style Lend. They provide a platform to lend out your closet, and you only need to follow the instructions below:
Register an account with them.
List down the items you wish to lend. Get your list approved.
Customers go to the site and identify the items they need.
Get rental approvals within 24 hours.
You get 80 percent of the money paid for the rental while the site keeps 20 percent.
Payment is by PayPal or Venmo.

#Hack 2: Start Selling Pairs of Shoes Online

You probably have some shoes you wore only once because they pinched. Or maybe you have outgrown some shoes because the heels are uncomfortable. 

Let go of shoes you haven’t worn in a year, and start selling them online. Choose an online shop platform with this pricing.

The e-commerce fashion industry is one of the most popular e-commerce niches. Projected sales by 2022 are at $713 billion, thus a lot of potential business to cash in.

Consider creating your own online store. This may sound like a daunting task, but it is simple with this quick guide:

Step 1. Create your store with an e-commerce website builder. Let it be easy to navigate.
Marketing expert Christopher Dayagdag says, “Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.”

Step 2. Get either a paid or free plan. Paid plans are easy to use and have customer support compared to free ones. The plan should also be mobile friendly because many shoppers browse using phones. 

Step 3.  Have a business name and domain for your store. Make the business name catchy for buyers to identify your business with ease.

Step 4. Choose a customized site or a template. If you are looking for a unique site with personalized user experience, go for a customized one.  Opt for a template if you lack much experience running websites.

Step 5. Photos are a marketing tool. Upload good-quality photos of your product, and include prices. It evokes emotions in buyers and leads to sales.

Step 6. Offer different payment methods. Replace traditional payment methods with m-commerce ones.

Step 7. Test your store to ensure it looks good. Once satisfied with the look, publish it. Go ahead and make your money!

Source: Merchant Savvy

#Hack 3: Host a Clothing Swap

Create a well-organized swap of clothes, shoes, and accessories you no longer need. Arrange these according to gender, size, season, and style. 

Label all items. You want shoppers to find what they need with ease.

Be specific about the audience you invite for the swap (for example, plus-sized women). Include a specific time and venue for the swap in your invitation. 

Request a buy-in fee. The buy-in fee allows people to join in and swap for a certain amount of money and items. Set the amount.

#Hack 4: Hold a Yard-Sale Display

Set up your yard, and sell shoes, clothes, and even jewelry. Create hype about it using offline, using signage. Other ways include placing flyers in supermarkets and coffee shops. You want it to be a success.

Use social media and sites like eBay or Craigslist for online publicity. Organize your clothes, and display them well. Shoppers like items on eye level, so avoid placing items on the ground.

Price the items at a fair price. Shoppers tend to haggle, so mark up the display prize by 10 to 20 percent.

Sit back, and make your extra cash.


The summer holidays have officially started! The start of the summer for us has meant along with the ease of lockdown that we were able to finally have Stuart's Mum and her husband up to visit for a long weekend.

We last saw them briefly in February when we were over that way visiting my family. Then our plans to have them over for Easter were thwarted by lockdown.

They arrived on the Friday and will be heading home Tuesday but we are hopefully planning to head down a visit them at some point in August.

 Friday after they had arrived we spent time together at the camp site that my in laws are staying at and then had out first McDonald's since before lockdown.

Saturday we headed out Whisby Animal Centre which is inside Whisby Garden Centre and enjoyed lunch followed by ice cream and seeing the animals and of course fitting in a bit of time in the park area for Blake. In the evening we headed to the caravan park my in laws are staying at after we had picked up takeaway fish and chips to have together.

Today we had a lovely Sunday  lunch out together.We then headed to one of the local Parks so that Blake could burn off some energy. It was great to see the park back open as it had been shut since before Christmas when we had awful rain which flooded the play area.

We've stuck to social distancing and have made sure to wash our hands regularly. It's definitely strange but I'm glad for some normality and most of where we have been has been outside. The weather being nice has certainly been a blessing.


Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I'm excited to be involved in the book tour for Never Forget by Michel Bussi. 
Michel Bussi is the bestselling French author of the critically acclaimed BLACK WATER LILLIES and AFTER THE CRASH, who now returns with NEVER FORGET. Never Forget is devilishly compelling and incredibly fast pace making it a real page-turner, with twist upon twist upon twist. Never Forget is my first read by him.

About the book:

When Jamal takes a coastal walk, he is stunned to see a girl standing so close to the cliff edge and as he edges slowly towards her, he realises that she’s been crying. Offering words of support, he throws a long red scarf for her to grab on to but moments later finds himself alone on the cliff, adrenaline pumping through his veins.

On the beach below lies the woman, with the scarf beautifully and impossibly wrapped around her broken neck. Did she jump, or was she pushed…? Was this two lives colliding by chance, or a revenge decades in the making? 

Never Forget is a wonderful physiological thriller that kept me on my toes. I had no idea what the outcome was going to be. When it comes to thrillers I like them to be fast paced and have a plot that keeps me guessing. Never Forget had these things plus interesting characters which made this a compelling read.

I had moments where I was tempted to have a peek as I needed to know what happens. The ending for me was totally not at all expected and I love it when that happens. 


Good morning, today I've joined in with a bunch of amazing bloggers to bring you a wonderful giveaway where you have the chance to win a £100 Amazon gift card.

Amazon is definitely my favourite place to shop online and I'd love to know what you would buy if you were to win? Maybe you are thinking of something for the kids to keep them entertained now the summer holidays are here or want to save it to put towards Christmas shopping later in the year. 

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Good Luck!


I've had some private stuff going on the past two weeks but I thought I'd best pop on and share some little moments with you.

Whilst looking through my memories on facebook a photo from just after I had turned 20 popped up. I thought I'd take a recent photo to compare. I've not actually changed much in the space of 10 years.

Blake also picked me a beautiful flower I love the mix of yellows and oranges. 

As for this week the new unit I ordered for my bedroom arrived. It's very handy for storing all my bits and bobs. I enjoyed organising the boxes so I have one for make up, one for my essential oils, one for paperwork and the last one miscellaneous items.  I'm actually considering getting another one to go next to it as I'm sure I'll find bits that I can store in there.