August has been a great month for a wide mix of reads and ticking off some more Popsugar reading challenge prompts. I love that the challenge has got me picking up books I wouldn't have usually have gone for. 

This month I have read 6 books and ticked off 4 prompts.

The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson 

This one ticks off the prompt A fiction or non fiction about a world leader. I love thrillers and if I wasn't doing the challenge I probably wouldn't have picked it up due to it being a political thriller, however I really enjoyed it. If like me it's not a read you would normally opt for but love the crime/thriller genre I definitely think you should give it ago as it may surprise you.

The Bookshop On The Shore By Jenny Colgan 
This one ticks off the prompt a book that has a book on the cover. I love Jenny Colgan for a feel good summer romance read. The fact this one features a bookshop is a book lovers dream. It's a sweet easy read that I fully reccomend.

The Quickening by Rhiannon Ward 
This one didn't tick any prompts but was for a book tour I was involved in. It's a gothic mystery book which I really enjoyed and you can read my thoughts on it here.

A Watermelon, A Fish And A Bible by Christu Lefteri 
Picked for the prompt a book set in a country beginning with C. The book is based in Cyprus and is a historical fiction about a Turkish army invading the town Kyrenia in Cyprus. It tells the story of 3 main characters and was one that I liked but wouldn't say I loved it.

The Circle By Dave Eggers 
I used this for the prompt a book involving social media. This is another read I'd have not picked if it hadn't been for  doing the reading challenge. I really enjoyed it and it did actually get me thinking more about our social media use. It is a fiction and some things are a bit extreme.

For When I'm Gone by Rebecca Ley
I can't go into much detail for this one as it's for a book tour that I'm involved in. It's my turn on the book tour on September 2nd so if this one interests you and you want to know more head back to my blog then. All I'm going to say is that it involves secrets and is an emotional read.

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