I'm not going to lie we've been finding the summer holidays hard. Blake has been very tricky to keep entertained and he is more than ready to be back at school. I also feel like we haven't really accomplished much this month. Saying that Blake has been playing outside whenever the weather has been nice which has really helped. My mental health has been a bit all over the place though and I'm on new medication.

Anyway let's jump in to some of the things I've been liking and loving in August.

Umbrella Academy season 2

 I absolutely loved the first season and was looking forward to season 2 which felt like a long wait. If you are into fantasy and superpowers than this is one to watch.

The Fall

I'm only a few episodes in but I had to mention The Fall. It's absolutely brilliant and has quite a few actors who use to be in Hollyoaks. It's a psychological thriller which is right up my Street. If you've not yet seen it definitely do so.


We've made lemon drizzle cake this month which was delicious and I'm planning on making some chocolate cake over the weekend. We don't bake often but it's been nice to do so.

Meals out

I had date night with Stuart one evening whilst we were over visiting family. We went to a Turkish restaurant and the food and drink was absolutely delicious. We also ate out with family whilst over at a local pub near the canal.  We have a table booked for this coming bank holiday Monday to look forward to at a restaurant we have yet to try. So far when eating out we've had a good experience when  it comes to social distancing. 

Blake's first football shirt 

I purchased Blake's first football shirt this month. My Dad was a Fulham fan so it felt right. 

Mrs Hinch Activity Journal 

I had this on my wishlist for awhile and caved and brought it. It's a great little journal that's great to do an activity from when I need a bit of time out.

Stamptastic stamp and ink pad

I hate labelling school uniform. I can't sew so that's a no go, iron on ones are just a pain to do and stickers come off easily. So I ordered a stamp and ink pad from Stamptastic and it's been a life saver! It's made labeling Blake's new uniform so much easier and quicker.

Hair cuts

Blake and I finally had a haircut. Blake's really needed doing it was so long and now he looks much more smarter and grown up. I had an inch off as I'm trying to grow my hair and it's a lot more easier to manage now.

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