This week has seen us get the crafts out a bit more. The weather has been lovely and Blake has played out with a friend and also been to the park too.

One of the first sets we got out this week is a sand bottle kit. We had lots of fun pouring the different coloured sand into the plastic bottle in different layers. We love how bright and colourful it is.

Then we moved onto a mosaic kit. Blake did find this hard to do as it wasn't so easy to peel the sticky back off to stick the felt down. However it was a good activity to pass the time.

I also ordered some Kreative Kids kits off Amazon. Blake loved sticking on the sequins on the one below of a mermaid. It was pretty simple to do. There is also a foil kit that I ended up doing by myself as I had to work out how to do it properly. 

Last of all I did another PoundToy order. I honestly love that I was able to get quite a few bits for us to do together over the summer. Most items were around £1-£2 with a couple of items costing under. I'm actually pretty excited to do some of the kits together as they look a fun way to pass the time.