LITTLE MOMENTS 2020: 32/52: Baking Lemon Drizzle Cake


Confession time: Baking doesn't happen often in our house. It's something that I want to start doing a bit more often though. So this week we decided to make one of my favourite cakes lemon drizzle.

 When we were living back in Bedfordshire the preschool that Blake went to had a weekly cookery class where the kids would all make something new each week. It was something that I looked forward to as they would share photos with us of Blake joining in with the other children. 
Deciding to bake this week got me thinking it would be a good idea to try once a month doing some baking/cooking with Blake. He often likes to help with things such as washing and the dishwasher so I want to start including him in food preparation.

When I was in middle school as a child I loved going to after school cookery class. One of the things I remember making was a marble cake, so maybe this will be something we can attempt together at the same point.

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