I'm glad that Blake follows in my footsteps and loves books. He may not be able to read himself just yet, but he loves us reading to him and also sitting and looking through books by himself. 

We recently got sent a lovely new book for him called Granny Franny's Big Red Bus by Sonia Beldum.Granny Franny's Big Red Bus is a fun, action packed picture book for ages 3 to 7 years. 

Granny Franny is always surprising her grand children, Ronni & Jax with sensational stories and surprise days out. One day she decides to do something super special for their birthday. She buys a big red bus to take them on a magical mystery tour of London; what she’s forgotten is that she can’t actually drive a bus. She then meets Thinkerbell, the talking bus bell, and everything changes. Then it starts to rain … a lot.

First of all we love how bright and colourful the illustrations are. This is very important part of a childrens book for us as it's a great way to keep children engaged and talking about the book. 

The story itself is such a fun read and we love the Character Granny Franny and can't wait to see what other adventures she goes on. I do hope that there will be more fun stories.

The book is a hit with Blake as he loves transport related books and toys. As we don't drive and often take a bus it's made the idea of a bus journey fun and exciting, just as it should be. 

If you fancy getting your hands on a copy than it can be found on Amazon and you cab find out more about Granny Franny's Big Red Book here.

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