With Blake being back to school I have found once chores and errands are done I'm able to have a bit more time to myself. I've used this time mainly to pick up a book, although i've also checked out this top online casino's

I like for September I've managed to read a good mix of books.  I've included a book I'm planning to read next week as I'm pretty sure I'll have finished it before October 1st. Seven out of the eight books have been for the popsugar reading challenge prompts and I'm pretty confident that I will complete the challenge before the end of the year. 

Lord of the butterflies by Andrea Gibson 
I picked this short poem book for the prompt a book by a trans/non binory author. Lord of the butterflies is a wonderful collection of poems that looks at gender, romance, loss and family. 

The Summer of Madness By Alexander Raphael 
This was for the book tour I mentioned and you can read more about my thoughts on the book here. It's a short romance where a guy tries to win back his ex. 

Caught By Harlan Coben 
After reading my first Harlan Coben book a few months ago I had to read another by this author. I picked Caught for the prompt a book with a great first line. The first line is " I knew opening that red door would destroy my life." This definitely gripped me and I really enjoyed the story and how fast paced it was. It's a crime/thriller told in different points of view. 

Cilka's Journey by Heather Morris
I picked this for the prompt a book by an author with flora or fauna in their name. Cilka's Journey is the sequel to The Tattoist of Auschwitz. I loved The Tattooist of Auschwitz and had been meaning to read this sequel for awhile. I found it to be just as good and an inspirational read.

The Whisper Man By Alex North
I picked this for the prompt a book with a 4 star rating on Goodreads. The Whisper Man is a book I have seen mentioned a good few times in the Facebook book groups I'm in. I picked this one for that reason when I realised it would fit this prompt. If you don't know The Whisper Man is a dark thriller which is definitely my go to type of read. It was full of suspense and twists and turns and I just loved it.

Geekerella by Ashley Poston
This one probably doesn't fit the prompt fully but they it's your challenge.I've picked Geekerella for the prompt a book with a pun in the title. I think it's more of a play with words but I'm wanting to read what books I have on my tbr piles and not get any more. Geekerella is a fairytale but is also scifi as Cinderella goes to a Con in a fun twist on the traditional tail. It's not something I'd have normally read but I loved it and want to read more of this series.

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton 
This is my current read which I'm making my way through. I'm not enjoying it as much as I had hoped i would. I picked this for the prompt a book with a series of more than 20 books. Being honest here I doubt I'm going to read any of the others from this series.

Rebecca by Dephane du Maurier 
Next week is banned books week and I'm going to read the classic Rebecca for this prompt. I'm pretty sure that I'll have read it by 1st October hence why I had to include it in my September reads round up.

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