Ad – review. I was sent the Geomags Confetti for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Blake has recently got really into construction toys such as Lego and stickle bricks. Geomags are the next step for us and lots of fun too.

The Geomag Confetti sets are a great way to introduce children into the world of Geomags. Geomag classics are an inventive system of simple construction made of 58 mm magnetic rods and steel spheres. A huge number of shapes, geometric figures and models of every kind can be constructed. Geomag stimulates creativity and logical reasoning. The variety of the shapes and their transformations make it possible to create different structures continuously.

We were sent the 83 piece Geomag Confetti set. You can get 8 different sets of various sizes starting at 32 up to 127 pieces. The 83 piece set we feel is a great size for creating awesome magnetic constructions. 

With vibrant colours of steel rods and non magnetic spheres means you can create various patterns, structures and shapes.
What I love about the set is that it's not only lots of fun but educational too. Geomags feature all the components of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). 

All that is needed with these sets is your imagination and you will be on your way to create unique masterpieces. There are no end to what you can make with them.

Geomags are definitely a hit with us all we love getting them out and playing together as a family. Blake's friend has also liked playing with them too when she is over to play. Blake sometimes finds the shapes hard to slot in as you have to be gentle but that's the whole part of learning. 


The Geomags Confetti sets can be purchased on Amazon with the 83 piece currently retailing at  £50.

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