Ad – review. I was sent the Geomags Mechanics for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Construction toys are a popular and long lasting option for children of various ages. The great thing is that they are learning at the same time without realising it. We were recently sent the Geomags mechanics challenge goal set

Geomags are great for STEM learning, and are sets that usually have different shapes, plastic tubes and metal balls and you can build up different fun structures. The Mechancs sets are a bit more complex so older children (7+) are a bit more challenged.

Unfortunately for us we found the instructions complicated to follow and with Blake's additional needs felt that this set is unfortunately not suitable for him at the moment. We will be keeping it for when there is a time that it is more suitable.

With that said I still want to share about the set with you. Inside the box you will find 96 pieces, 15 metal balls and 81 building pieces. There are 3 level options for firing balls at. The instructions definitely could be made much clearer as they look confusing even to us adults. I think because there are so many pieces and the instructions are only images its made it overwhelming. 

Overall it does look a fun idea when you get your head around the instructions. I definitely think it's a great toy for older children and feel that Blake is too young to enjoy the benefit of it atm as he is only 5. I'd also bear in mind that if you have a child over 7 with additional needs they may find this a bit too much of a challenge as well.