LITTLE MOMENTS 2020: 36/52: Change is in the air

September through til after Christmas are my favourite months of the year. I love how it feels like change is in the air. There are of course downsides to the approaching autumn season. I'm not a fan of the nights drawing in and the rain but I love everything else about the season. I love the feeling of getting all cosy and drinking hot chocolate in the evenings and so much more. 

I've definitely noticed that it is starting to feel colder and have dug out my trusty boots. It's not cold enough to have the heating on or get out my jumpers and cardigans just yet but I'm sure it's not far off.

Blake is back to school tomorrow and back into reception class. It's a change that is needed for him after 7 weeks off. It's meant new uniform, new shoes and new coats etc. Everything is lablled and ready for him. All that we need to do is hope we all manage to get up and out the door in time.

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