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We live in a three storey house and the only places we have carpet are the stairs and upstairs landings. Recently I've been thinking about if it's a good idea to eventually replace the carpet and instead of going for a new carpet opt instead for wooden flooring.

As much as I don't mind the carpet, I do find that other flooring types are much easier to clean especially when you have a child. Carpet I find gets dirty quickly and can be unhygienic. Blake has managed to get playdough, kentic sand and even slime on the carpet which have been a pain to get out.

One of the ideas I've been thinking of is going for solid wood flooring. I like how solid wood flooring gives a clean and modern look to homes. This means if we change the colours of our walls and decor the floor will still fit well. Other reasons for opting for solid wood flooring are:

- It makes cleaning  up any spills etc easier, especially that dreaded slime Blake likes so much.

-  It's durable and hardwearing. Our stairs and landing are a high traffic area for us, especially as our bathroom is at the end of the hall. For this reason we need flooring that will cope with the footfall.

- Better for people with allergies. Stuart is asthmatic and dust can effect him. Wooden floors mean that dust and mites have less place to hide.
- Can raise the value of your home.

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