Best Places To Own A Home In Wirral

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Wirral is known for its diverse landscape, beautiful beaches, industrial towns, and quaint villages hence it is natural for one to feel confused when it comes to choosing the best place to own a home.

This is the reason why the following sections in the post will enunciate some of the best places in Wirral that one can buy a home.

Here goes – 

West Kirby – ideal for the lovers of aquatic adventures

According to the leading Wirral, real estate agents associated with people who have a knack for leading the coastal life should choose West Kirby to buy a Wirral home. It is located on Wirral’s north-western tip and the river-mouth of River Dee. As a bonus, homeowners in West Kirby never fail to sing praises of their view of the Irish Sea. 

West Kirby is famous for its water sports activities such as – 

  • Sailing

  • Windsurfing

  • Kayaking and

  • Paddleboarding.

Other outdoor activities include – 

  • Long walks by the West Kirby Marine Lake

  • Trying hikes to Hilbre Islands – (these are only accessible when the tide is low).


Furthermore, West Kirby is jam-packed with – 

  • Cafes

  • Pubs

  • Restaurants on or near the marina thereby making the lives of West Kirby residents all the more interesting.

Bebington – ideal for the ones with a nine-to-five job

The lives of people with nine-to-five-jobs are hectic, to state the least but when one chooses to buy a home in Bebington, then they could at least enjoy the perks of living in an ‘almost-island’!

Bebington is located on the East of Wirral and is just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool City Centre. One would not need to spend more than fifteen minutes to commute to and from Liverpool. This makes Bebington an ideal place to buy a home in case one’s workplace is located in Liverpool.

On top of this, in case one has plans to start a family they can rest assured that their child will be getting the best education as Bebington is home to – 

  • Wirral Grammar School for Boys and

  • Wirral Grammar School for Girls.

Convincing, right!?

Oxton – ideal for all the suburban socializers out there

Oxton is a suburban location perched on the industrial landscape of Birkenhead but don’t let this piece of information turn you off as Oxton is known for its natural beauty.

Oxton has the charm of a typical English village from the bygone era. Oxton has historical importance but that doesn’t mean life is boring here!

The place is riddled with – 

  • Local pubs and

  • Cottages

It also boasts a strong as well as an uplifting community. It is also home to numerous independent shops, and restaurants thus ensuring you wouldn’t need to lead a boring life every day.

Apart from the places in Wirral mentioned above, Heswall might be missing the glamour of Oxton or West Kirby but it still boasts natural beauty – a bonus for all the nature lovers out there thanks to Wales and the all-too-popular Dee Estuary. Furthermore, Heswall is also riddled with restaurants, pubs, shopping destinations, and whatnot! For more details, feel free to get in touch with a renowned Wirral real estate agent today!

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