Christmas is definitely going to be different for us this year. We won't be seeing family and not sure when we will next see them. There will be no visiting santa, Christmas markets, Christmas meals out, Christmas shows etc that we usually do this time of year. But it doesn't mean that we can't have a good Christmas. Christmas is definitely not cancelled and so I've written up a Christmas bucket list of activities we can do together to make most of the festive season. Hopefully this list will give you some inspiration.

- Put up the Christmas tree/decorations 
- Make your own decorations 
- Write a letter to santa
- Have a North Pole Breakfast 
- Have a carpet picnic
- Go for a walk and see Christmas lights
- Watch Christmas films 
- Listen/dance to Christmas music
- Decorate a gingerbread house and eat it
- Make a Christingle 
- Write/make Christmas cards
- Have  a festive Costa/ coffee shop drink 
- Christmas Eve buffet
- Wear a Christmas Jumper
- Wear Christmas pjs
- Make Christmas crafts
- Read Christmas books
- Play board games together 
- Phone/video chat with family members you can't see
- Put together a Christmas Eve box/basket of goodies
-  See a virtual santa/or use an app like portable North Pole 
- Donate to charity 
- Go for a family walk
- Eat lots of Christmas treats
- Make your own wrapping paper 
- Go a Christmas scavenger hunt 
- Have a fun festive bath

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