I've been umming and ahhing about getting a smart watch for awhile so that I could track my steps and sleep. I caved in and purchased a cheapish one as I didn't want to spend alot on one  incase I ended up not using it. 

Since starting to use it last Sunday it has been a real eye-opener. On average I do around 7,000 steps a day. The most I've done is just over 11,000 steps and the lowest was just under 3,000 steps which was on the Sunday which in general is a lazy day for us.

 I've found it so interesting to see how much light and deep sleep I've been having and how long I've been awake each night. The watch I went for has other features such as heart rate and sports mode. The sports mode I've used for when I do the school run to track how many steps I do, how long it takes me, my heart rate etc. There are a few other features I've chosen not to use such as messaging and alarms but overall I'm happy with my purchase. The app is easy to use to and look back at my data, change settings etc.

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