Ad – Review. I was sent a Sustainable Swap Box and a years membership for the purpose of this post.  

We all know that our lifestyle choices are impacting on the decline of our planet's natural resources. Overuse of plastics has an impact on our landfills and oceans. However there are sustainable swaps we can do today that can help us save money and cut carbon! 

SaveMoneyCutCarbon now have a groundbreaking home club membership which I've had a chance to find out more about and share with you. Originally SaveMoneyCutCarbon were a wholesale retailer but since they have launched the home club they have become a one place shop for individuals who are buying eco swaps.

The Sustainable Swap Box and a years membership to the home club is £49.99. The Sustainable Swap Box is a way of helping you to get started on your eco friendly journey. It gives you ideas on 10 swaps that you can make and samples of products to help you on your way. The box contains the following items: Compostable sponge cloth, beeswax wrap, bamboo toothbrush, a sample of bamboo cotton buds, compostable bin liner, a sample of bamboo plasters, waterflow bag and antibac cleaning drop. Once you have activated your membership you will then be sent the full size eco egg, detox tablet and LED light bulb.

As a home club member you will get unbeatable pricing guaranteed on purchases. Everything eco is all in one place making ease for making your eco friendly purchases. Within a week of activating your membership you receive eco babble which is emails sent to you throughout the year with step by step guides, tips and practical advice to help you to learn and save. 

Our experience of being more eco friendly

Over the past few years I have been making some sustainable swaps where I can such as using stainless steel or glass straws, using shampoo bars and cloth pads for removing make up - these are only a few examples. 

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon swap box has really given me some more ideas on changes that we can make that we haven't made yet. Some are changes that I hadn't even thought of and some are changes I have been thinking about already such as the laundry egg and beeswax wraps. 

The beeswax wraps are definitely something I can see being useful to use as we occasionally like to make our own bread which we can wrap up. We also cover items in our fridge if we have left overs which the wraps will be useful for. Once we run out of our usual cotton buds and plasters I'll definitely be purchasing the bamboo ones instead. We will definitely be making some more changes and thanks to the SaveMoneyCutCarbon home club we will be able to get useful advice and tips for doing so.

The swap box and membership are a great alternative gift idea. I can see it being great for Christmas this year especially for those who are wanting to be more eco friendly but are unsure where to start.

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