Did you know that it is Stress awareness week? and that in particular today (November 4th) is Stress awareness day?

I'm sure that alot of people right now need to destress more than ever. It's a tough year and with lockdown 2.0 happening, now it means that we need to start thinking of ways to help us as stress can have an impact on our mental health.

Here are some ideas I've compiled to give you a helping hand:

- Meditate
Meditation can really help with getting you into a deep state of relaxation and it's something I find that really helps me. My favourite way to do that is using guided meditation such as via the calm app.

- "Me time"
Having "me time" everyday is important to me. If you can't put aside time every day at least try and do something at least once a week. My usual "me time" is spent reading or watching something on Netflix but it could be anything you enjoy doing on your own. 

-Online games
Playing games online for example on Solitaire Bliss where you can find 36 free-online versions of strategic games. Yukon, 40 Thieves, and Mind Games are just some of their offerings.

- Massage 
A massage is great for helping to reduce tension and promote calm and deep relaxation. I use a electronic massager that I got for my birthday which works wonders. 

- Have a bath
Having a bath relaxes the muscles as stress causes muscles to contract. You can add essential oils to your bath to help kick stress to the curb. 

- Go for a walk
Getting out in the fresh air even for 10 minutes is beneficial for both your mental and physical health. This is due to walking increase endorphins, which reduces the stress hormone in your body.

- Sleep more
Not going to lie i have a bad habit of going to sleep really late which does not help. Sleep is so important at helping you to calm and relax and so going to bed a little earlier can have a positive impact on your stress levels. If you aren't getting restful sleep, invest in a mattress designed for side sleepers to help promote a healthy sleeping posture. 

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