This time last week I got my covid test results saying I'm negative for the virus. This means the cough and change in my sense of taste was luckily just a cold. 

I seem to catch colds very easily this time of year which leaves me feeling run down. Luckily I've found certain things I do from home can help with easing the symptoms. There are also some great products I've come across too which really help. 

Staying hydrated
I definitely tend to drink lots more water and juice as it helps to loosen congession and  prevent dehydration. I also tend to prefer warmer drinks and soups too.

Easier said than done but when you can having a rest really helps. Of course, if you are particularly congested, getting rest might be more difficult than expected. If this proves to be the case, investing in some natural products like CBD oil from Gold Bee can help you to relax and unwind. Just remember if you are considering using any natural remedies then it is important that you do plenty of research first as not all products are suitable for everyone.

Salt water gargle 
Yep this works with easing a sore throat. It's advice  i keep putting off doing and advice I've always been given by a GP. I do find sometimes that lozenges work as well too but not ideal for children to use due to the risk of choaking.


Coldzyme is a recent product that i have come across. Colzyme is a mouth spray that helps to fight the cause of the common cold. The mouth spray works by forming a fast acting protective barrier on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat (where cold germs first take hold and multiply), making it more difficult for the cold virus to cause illness.  It can also be used during the early stages of a cold, which is usually transmitted by touch and transferred through the nose and mouth, is clinically documented to help prevent the cold from developing fully. ColdZyme can also help reduce the symptoms of a cold such as the sore throats from developing. ColdZyme is clinically documented to help shorten the length and severity of a cold, so it can help you recover more quickly. I've found it so far to be a good product as it has helped to ease sniffles and the tickly feeling I was starting to get in my throat.

A humidifier or a cool mist vaporiser can add moisture to your home which can help to loosen congession. I love using our humidifier especially with the use of essential oils.

Other over the counter medications
For combating stuffiness we find using nasal sprays and drops work great. Vapour rub also works well and painkillers are ideal for helping ease headaches. 

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