Despite a different December than usual we actually still managed to have a good month. We've had Blake's Birthday this month too which fell on a school day but he still had a wonderful time. We've eaten alot of delicious food, listened to Christmas music and watched Christmas films. 

Overall we've made the best of the month. So here is what I've been liking and loving for December.

Christmas films/ series

We've watched alot of Christmas films and a series on Netflix. As well as favourites such as The Grinch we've watched some new releases too:

- Home for Christmas (series)

- Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2

- Holidate 

- Jingle Jangle 

Christmas decor

Most of our Christmas decorations were the same this year but I did purchase a light up bottle from the lovely Suzy and Suzys crafty creations. I absolutely love it and its definitely going to be a decoration that comes out each year.

North Pole Breakfast 

We decided this year to order a North Pole Breakfast from a local company. It meant that Blake got to see Santa who was delivering it for us (all socially distanced of course). It was absolutely delicious and we couldn't manage it all at once. I love the little extras the company had done to make it a special experience such as a bag of goodies which included colouring sheets, nice list certificate, a book and lots more. 

Gingerbread House

We spotted a gingerbread house set to decorate with icing and sweets in aldi which we had lots of fun doing together. Blake loved doing this activity so I think we may do the same next year. I'm glad we opted for one to just decorate instead of needing to build it as well.

Christmas crafts

The last week of school before breaking up for Christmas Blake came home with a bag full of crafts he had been doing. It was so lovely to see what he got up to. He's also loved doing some crafts at home to although we didn't do as many.

Last of all is this scalp massager that I ordered earlier in the month off amazon. It can be used either wet or dry and helps to massage your scalp as well as deep clean it. It also works for Dandruff Relief, Exfoliating Treatment, Shampoo Scrubbing and Hair Growth.  

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