I've finished the Popsugar reading challenge! So happy that I've actually managed to complete it. I've decided I won't be doing a reading challenge in 2021 though. Instead I plan to start getting  through the pile of books I own already. Now let's see what I've been reading this month.

Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë 

It was my first time reading this classic and I absolutely loved it. It was picked for the prompt a book that passes the Bechdel test. It's worth looking it up as I'm not the best to explain what the test is. Jane Eyre is definitely near the top as one of my favourite classics now. 

The Lunar Chronicles 
This month I've been making my way through the Lunar Chronicles series which I absolutely love. The series is of 6 books:
- Cinder 
- Scarlet 
- Cress
- Fairest 
- Winter
- Stars Above

The Lunar Chronicles is described as a mash up of fairytales and science fiction. I absolutely love all of the books and can't pick a favourite from the series. Cinder was picked for my last prompt a book with a robot or cyborg as a chacter. But I just had to read the rest of the series. I definitely will be keeping my set to reread again at some point in the future. I didn't think that I would enjoy science fiction but this mash up makes it a fun and gripping read.

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