This week we've been doing dinosaur related activities. You may have seen that we joined in with Dino Escape Week with Wonder Adventures which you can read about here. The event gave us something to do after school. We loved the wide range of activities to do.

I decided to keep the theme going by getting out Blake's Galt Dino Lab kit that he got from his auntie, uncle and cousins for Christmas. So yesterday Blake put on his goggles that come in the kit and we got to work on the 3 fun but simple activities that were in the kit.

Starting off we did the Excavation which was very messy. You get the the Excavation stone and tools for digging and are advised to use newspaper as it gets very messy and dusty. We actually used our tuff tray to keep the dust and mess contained. The dinosaur fossil we got was of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The next activity we used air dry clay, vegetable oil (not included) and the plastic mould to make dinosaur tracks. It was simple to do and we have left it out overnight to dry out.

The last activity is Amber slime. The photo seems to make it look green but the slime is a lovely bright orange. Blake loves slime and he managed to get his little dinosaur figure, of a triceratops out pretty fast. The set also comes with a 16 page  book which had lots of interesting information, along with the instructions for each activity in the set. 

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