This week I finally got out the Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff  to do with Blake. We have plenty left including blue Gelli Baff and some green Slime. I'll be leaving the slime to do in the summer as I've a feeling it's going to be even messier than the Gelli Baff is.

You can do a variety of activities with both the Gelli Baff and Slime. I found some great ideas whilst looking on Instagram. I decided that as its Blake first time with the stuff a simple activity using sand moulds to make fun shapes with the Gelli Baff was the best option to help him get use to how it feels.

I leave it out so that Blake can go to and from it as he pleases. A 50g bag along with water usually makes up 12 liters of the stuff when added to 4 liters of water. We used much less for this small tub but you can use a bigger tub and of course its a great idea for using in the bath. The stuff is biodegradable too and all you have to do when finished is add more water to turn it back to liquid to dispose of. 

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