This week we had snow! Unfortunately Blake isn't keen on it, so it means no making snowmen for us. Blake has only experienced snow a few times now and each time he has been very upset. 

Thursday morning it started snowing and by lunch time it was coming down a lot more so school rang us to let us know that they were shutting early. He was eager to get home in the warm by the time we was almost home he  was in floods of tears.

Once he was in the warm and changed out of his uniform he was fine and loved watching the snow come down. 

I'm assuming that his dislike from snow is sensory wise and he probably feels the cold and wet more than we do which is something he struggles to cope with. 

As a child I loved the snow even though it was very rare to have it . I remember one year building a snowman with my sister and grandparents in there garden. I do hope one day Blake will enjoy being able to make a snowman with us. For now though we don't want to force it. 

The snow has pretty much gone now, by Friday it was just a sludgy mess due to no more snow but rain instead. 

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