What a confusing time it is right now, especially for children. Monday lots of children went back to school for one day to be told that we are back into yet another lockdown. Only children of key workers or who are vulnerable are allowed to go in. Luckily for us specialist schools are allowed to stay open too. Blake's school did close for two days to prepare and that was enough to completely confuse Blake. 

It's especially important for children like Blake who need that routine. Children with additional needs may require 24 hour care and can't simply be left alone to watch TV, as even slight things can cause a meltdown. Even a simple change of routine can cause Blake to have an outburst where he kicks, screams, pinches  scratches and headbutts. 

Today we had a quiet day and Blake loved playing with his pegboard we got him for Christmas. We made lots of pictures and patterns with them. I love that it's an activity that really helps with fine motor skills. It also is great for letting him be creative and use his imagination. We did a butterfly together and he also pretended to do a spider. 

He is looking forward to seeing his teachers and friends when he goes in tomorrow and has been singing the songs and repeating things he learnt last week. Blake thrives at school and since being there he really has come such a long way that time off would really interfere with his learning.

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