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Happy Friday, today I am involved in the book tour for the historical fiction The Puritan Princess by Miranda Malins. 

About the Author:

Miranda is a writer and historian specialising in the history of Oliver Cromwell, his family and the politics of the Interregnum period following the Civil Wars. She studied at Cambridge University, leaving with a PhD, and continues to speak at conferences and publish journal articles and book reviews. She is also a Trustee of the Cromwell Association. Alongside this, Miranda works as a commercial solicitor in the City and began writing historical novels on maternity leave. She lives in Hampshire with her husband, young son and cat Keats. 

About the book:

The Puritan Princess is a beautifully written historical fiction novel set during the reign of Oliver Cromwell. There are so many forgotten women in history and this book gives a voice to one of them. And trust me, you don’t have to be familiar with this period to love the writing!

1657. The youngest daughter of Oliver Cromwell, eighteen-year-old Frances is finding her place at England's new centre of power. Following the turmoil of Civil War, a fragile sense of stability has returned to the country. Her father has risen to the unprecedented position of Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, and Frances has found herself transported from her humble childhood home to the sumptuous palaces of Hampton Court and Whitehall, where she dreams of romance. But after an assassination attempt on the Cromwell family, Frances realises the precarious danger of her position - and when her father is officially offered the crown, Frances' fate becomes a matter of diplomatic and dynastic importance. Trapped in the web of court intrigue, Frances must make a choice. Allow herself to be a political pawn, or use her new status to take control - of her own future, and of her country's...

My thoughts:
I like learning about history and although I read a wide mix of genres I do enjoy historical fiction. When I first heard about this book being set in the reign of Oliver Cromwell I wanted to get my hands on a copy. This is a period I've not read about before so it really intrigued me.

The Puritan Princess is a debut novel by Miranda Malins written through the eyes of Oliver Cromwells youngest daughter Frances. It tells the story of fiesty character who wants to marry for love rather than be a pawn in a diplomatic marriage. This along with the telling of the rise and fall of Oliver Cromwell has brought the characters to life and made them feel more real with the difficulties they faced. I learnt quite a bit from this book about what it would have been like to live in that period of time as well as about the Cromwell family. You can tell that the book has been well researched and and that Malins has passion for that era. 

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