This week was mine and Stuart's 9th wedding anniversary. Due to lockdown it felt pretty much like a normal day. We usually try and go out for our anniversary for a meal but instead we ordered in a Chinese that was about it.

We did swap gifts although I did find it hard to know what to get Stuart this year. I ended up getting him a salt and pepper mill set,  that was finished in copper. Stuart likes being in the kitchen and experimenting so was happy with his gift. Turns out he had considered getting a set like the ones I had purchased him anyway so that's a win. 

Stuart knows me well and got me my favourite flowers red roses. I had both red and white roses in my wedding bouquet and it was lovely to receive some as part of my gift. His other gift to me is a forever rose  which I've now got up on display in our bedroom as he also put up a new shelf for me.

I've loved roses since I was little girl and my Grandad would cut me one from his and my nan's garden. Whenever I think of roses they make me think of him which was another reason for having them in my wedding bouquet. 

The forever rose is a rose that has been preserved in a special way and  plated in gold so it will never die. It comes in a beautiful box which you can keep it in or there is an acrylic stand in the box so you can have it on display like I have done. 

I actually have got quite a few other rose themed items around the home and of course there is my tattoo I had done a few years ago. 

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