February hasn't really been an interesting month for us to be honest. Although I can safely say it has flown by compared to January. We had a few things to look forward to this month which has really helped with my mental health compared to last month. I've not actually brought many new things this month to share with you but even so here are some of the things I've liked and loved in February.


Firefly Lane                                                              

Based on the book by Kristin Hannah the series is about best friends Tully and Kate and their friendship over 30 years sharing the ups and downs. If you have read the book like I have you will notice that there are definitely alot of differences. 

Crime scene: The Vanishing at Cecil Hotel

Los Angeles' notorious Cecil Hotel grows in infamy after the disappearance of guest Elisa Lam. It's a true life crime series which I found really spooky but gripping and very sad too.

Behind her eyes

Behind her eyes is also based on a book. I've yet to read the book but definitely plan to. It's about a single mother who enters a world of twisted mind games when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while secretly befriending his mysterious wife. The ending was certainly crazy in my opinion and not what I had at all expected.

Our wedding anniversary was on the 4th. Due to lockdown we couldn't really do anything but Stuart did however get me some red roses which are lasting well and are only just starting to die. He also got me a forever rose which is a rose that has been preserved in a special way and plated in gold so it will never die.

I got Stuart to put up a little shelf for me so that I can have a few of my favourite items displayed in our bedroom. 

For pancake day this year I decided to try biscoff pancakes which is basically pancakes with biscoff spread. I usually go for ones with Nutella and strawberries so it was lovely to go for something different.

Walks and Sunshine 
We have had a few days where it's been warmer and we have got outside a bit more. One of our favourite walks is along the river trent so I took Blake there for a change of scene as we hadn't actually been for a walk along there in awhile. We spotted the new monument which hasn't been there that long of a Pilgrim woman. 

Peter Rabbit 
Blake's best friend has got him into Peter Rabbit and he has been watching the film and series this month. We ended up having to order a Peter Rabbit cuddly toy too as he wants to be like her and his been non stop cuddling it ever since.

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