This week Blake was back at school and Spring seems to have sprung up on us. Let's hope the warmer weather is here to stay! One of Blake's favourite things about spring is that the daisies are out. It means our walk home from school takes a bit longer as Blake likes picking as many as he can.

I love the blue skies they definitely make me feel so much happier and content. We've been able to put washing out on the line for the first time this year instead of having clothes drying on the radiators. In fact I'm glad its been warm enough this week we have had no need to have the heating on.

We've been able to get out to the park, letting Blake burn off some steam with a good run around and going on the slide. We can hopefully make a start on getting our garden ready for the warmer months soon. I love having an outdoors space for Blake to play in and looking forward to the arrival of summer so we can enjoy bbqs, picnics, etc outside together.

We are also undertaking a bit of a clear out at the moment and have thrown quite a bit out from the attic as well as being able to give some bits away we no longer want/need. It's been such a refreshing feeling to get rid of stuff. 

Today we even managed to get McDonald's as they have now opened up for walk in collection. Blake has been wanting one for ages and been asking most mornings for chippys. Blake was absolutely thrilled with his treat. I feel that things are more on the up now especially thanks for the beautiful weather making us feel much better than the colder and darker days.

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