March has been an OK month. We have managed to get some bits sorted out around the home that we have been meaning to do. I had a lovely Mothers Day and we are now preparing for Easter. I'll be glad when we can travel again though as we are in much need of a change of scene. Here are some of the things that I have been liking/loving this month. 


Ginny and Georgia 

Georgia Miller arrives in the quaint New England Town of Wellsbury with her daughter Ginny and son Austin and quickly makes a big impression.

The One 

Love -- and lies -- spiral when a DNA researcher helps discover a way to find the perfect partner, and creates a bold new matchmaking service. Based on the book by John Marrs.

Life of the party

When her husband divorces her, Deanne, a middle-aged mother, decides to complete her college education, much to the dismay of her daughter, Maddie, with whom she shares her classes.


After a terrible blind date, Jim and Lauren find themselves stranded at a resort together with their respective children. However, the two soon start developing feelings for each other.

Escape Room

Six people from different walks of life participate in an escape room competition to win ten thousand dollars. Things change when they find themselves in horrifying circumstances.


Inspired by her mum's rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy teenager publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school.

Automatic Soap Dispenser 
An item in the home I never thought we would need but couldn't resist buying.  It's actually a great product especially for encouraging kids to wash there hands. We love that you dilute your usual liquid soap and it comes out like foam automatically when you put your hands under. It does need batteries but it's definitely a nifty little thing.

Elact Vitamin C Serum
I must admit I saw this and decided to try it due to it's good reviews. I have no regrets and use it twice a day. My skin is definitely alot more softer and more hydrated,this serum is ideal to use under moisturiser. The formula isn't greasy which is one thing that worried me about using a serum. 

Hommak Electric Milk Frother
I've been wanting a milk frother for awhile. I got this particular one for Mothers Day and it's a complete game changer for having hot chocolate as I no longer have to worry about lumps and stirring for ages. I also love how my coffee looks more like ones from a coffee shop.

Floral silver mirrored hanging decoration
This was my other Mothers day present which I really love. I love that it can be personalised with any message and the daisy design is so Blake as he is obsessed with them.

Keter outdoor storage bench 
We passed on our old bench to a neighbour after doing up the front garden as we  wanted one that had storage. I'm thinking of storing picnic blankets, bags and outdoor bits inside it. 

Fake grass
We have fake grass in our backgarden and so we decided to get some for the front garden to brighten it up a bit. I've been fed up of the concrete and Stuart agreed. So after getting him to paint the walls cream as well he got this done for us. 

Easter/Spring art work
Blake loves his arts and crafts and came home from school yesterday with some of the bits he made. He is very proud of what he has made for us. He has been doing about The Very Hungry Caterpillar this term and so he was excited to share his beautiful butterfly makes as well with us.

Easter/Spring stickers and fridge magnets
We love Emma from Lucky Rainbow Boutique's adorable illustrations so when she released her Spring/Easter stickers and magnets I had to grab a couple. 

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