How wonderful is it that we have been lucky enough to have a few days of sunshine recently. Blake broke up for the Easter holidays on Wednesday so Thursday-Sunday have been spent outdoors as much as we could. I'm so looking forward to easing of restrictions I'm missing be able to eat out and have a drink in a pub. Not going to lie I'm also missing charity shops and having a rummage for some bargains. 

One of things Blake has been loving recently is kicking/throwing/catching a ball. He's loved bouncing it against the back wall in our garden and then catching it. He loves being able to run around barefoot too as he loves the feel of our fake grass on his toes. 

 We've also headed to the park with his ball to have a good run around. He's loved kicking the ball around with Daddy and even took it on the slide with him to role down. He's never really been into playing ball games with us until now so it's really lovely that he has taken to it.

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