Mothers Day this year has been a lovely one. We may not have been able to have a  meal out as usual,  but it was still an enjoyable day together. Blake was being very cuddly and we watched some of his favourite TV shows whilst all cuddled up together. I had some time to relax and enjoy the book I was reading and a Chinese for dinner in the evening. 

I got some lovely gifts I've been wanting a milk frother for awhile now not only for my coffee but I've heard they are good for doing hot chocolate in so I'm looking forward to that as I do love a hot chocolate.

The other gift I received is a beautiful personalised heart mirror hanging. The design is so Blake as it has daisies which are Blake's absolute favourite flower. 

At lunch time we had an absolute delicious afternoon tea from Piglets Pantry that had arrived the day before. It contained quiche, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, scones with jam and clotted cream, 4 slices of absolutely delicious cakes and of course tea.

I got 2 mothers day cards from Blake one that Stuart had ordered on Blake's behalf and a beautiful handmade daffodil card that Blake made at school. Blake was pretty proud of himself when he handed it to me.

Mothers Day also involved one of Blake's wobbly teeth falling out which meant a visit from the tooth fairy that night.

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