The past two weeks have been the Easter holidays. We have been blessed with some days where the weather has been beautiful and we've got outside. It's not been all plain sailing though as Blake has had quite a few meltdowns. Yesterday's meltdown was the worst so far during this holiday period. We aren't too sure what set him off but he was constantly asking to go to school. I think the main thing at the moment is that he is missing his friends and the school routine. 

The ice cream van has been out now that the weather has been warmer and Blake has managed to have some a good few times now. We've also treated him to McDonald's twice as it's his favourite place for chips. 

We have the insect lore butterfly garden and it's been so interesting watching them grow the past two weeks. They are much bigger than the photo below now and are actually getting ready to build a chrysalis. 

I purchased a push pop fidget toy for Blake as I had seen them quite a bit recently and thought they would be a great distraction for him to enjoy a bit of quiet time. He actually really loves it and it has actually been helpful at times. 

We have also been watching alot of films over the past two weeks. Currently we are going through all four of the Toy story films. Blake is getting much better at watching films for a longer period of time now. He used to only be able to sit for 30 minutes before getting bored, but he now his attention is longer depending on the film we pop on.

We've headed to the park a good few times. We do have a small yard and a front garden area that Blake loves to play in but he loves the freedom of more space to run around. Of course the park having a slide is another big reason he loves going. 

We have also gone into town a few times especially now that more places are open once again. Blake has recently given up his dummy which was alot more easier than we expected so we let him pick a toy up in B&M as his reward. We've yet to eat or drink out but hoping to do so next weekend. 

When we were in B&M one of the things we picked up was this goal net for Blake to have in the garden. We don't have many garden toys so I'm trying to get some more bits for him. If you read my week 14 post you would know Blake has been loving ball games and so this was one of the reasons we picked this up.

This week I made the decision to get my nose pierced. I've been thinking about it for a long time and it wasn't a spur of the moment decision. I'm going to write up a post about it actually. 

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