Looking for a Floor That Lasts longer

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to laying a new floor is that we just don’t know how long we are going to go until it needs replacing once again. This has been one of the deciding factors of why luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is among most preferred and recommended options by interior designers and industry critics.

Vinyl flooring over the last decade has advanced into areas of low maintenance, authentic look and ease in installation to the point where it now pushes ahead of other flooring options, but are the benefits as good as they are presented or is it just a quick sales pitch?

Is It Easy to Install?

Vinyl flooring is a much simpler process to install where a professional does not necessarily need to be hired, which is truly a huge saving on a by-the-hour rate they would charge.

Installing differs depending on your choice of glue-down tiles or click in planks, but both are perfect for any homeowner who fancies a dash of DIY around the home. It is also much simpler to clean over hardwood or laminate, with sections cut to size ensuring that there is limited mess or excess waste after fitting out the room in question.

Is it Truly Scratch Proof?

With all carpet and hardwood flooring you are presented with the risk of spills, staining or scratching parts of the floor which can be costly to repair and replace.

Lowest price Amtico flooring is a vinyl option manufactured with anti-scratch technology that can protect your flooring over a much longer period of challenge. Usually a quick sponge with warm soapy water can take care of most stains and spills. When it comes to deep scratches, they can still occur in extreme cases where none felt soled furniture is concerned, or when presented with heels.

If you do experience deep scratches, be sure that any products you use to try and buffer them out have no traces of rubber within them.

What Kind of Design Can Be Utilised?

The better benefit of vinyl is that there are so many perfectly replicated designs that can match any kind of room space. 

Many people love the thought of wooden style for a bedroom, stone for a kitchen or pattern designs for bathrooms and vinyl provides a lot of protection over the genuine article. 

You also don’t have to stick to certain guidelines in regard to patterning, as you can line up, segregate or do some form of abstract. The great benefit when it comes to the look and feel is that you can have it matched to any existing design or intended look you want to explore.

What About the Safeguards?

Even the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK, the other ranges such as Amtico Spacia can with stand all year round weather conditions from cold to heat, making your home suitable and consistent despite whatever the weather changes to. Vinyl is much more resistant to water, heat, moisture and other elements than carpet or laminate.

With all of this in mind it is important to get the advice from experts who know what conditions and which brands are best suited for whatever room project you are looking to push.

Luxury vinyl flooring definitely lives up to the hype but depending on the circumstances of your home design project. Consult with experts to get the best out of the product lifespan before installation to reduce any nasty surprises.

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