From last Saturday up until Friday we have been in Isolation. We were about to head out for the day on Saturday and a text from Blake's school came through. Blake had been in close contact with a Covid positive case and we had to isolate. 

This past week has been extremely hard having to stay home. Blake loves being outside and being around his friends so he has really struggled with the change. Every morning he has been asking "school today?" So I know he will be relieved to be back on Tuesday. 

We are so thankful that not only do we have a small garden, but that the weather has been fairly kind to us. During the week we had the back door open and was letting Blake come and go between being in or out. I honestly think it saved our mental health as well. By the end of the week we had all been starting to feel cabin fever and were eager to get out yesterday. 

We found being in the garden and playing ball games and water play were great for keeping Blake occupied for a good deal of time and to keep him calm. We also have watched a few good films and had popcorn and ice cream too so have tried to stop him from getting bored. 

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