Stimming may not be a something you have heard of before unless you have/know a child with additional needs. I hadn't heard of the term until researching about autism whilst we were going through the diagnosis stage. 

People who are autistic tend to stim as it helps them to calm themselves, express their emotions, regulate sensory input, help themselves to focus or just for fun. 

So what is Stimming?
Stimming is self stimulating actions that are repeated in order to stimulate the senses. Stimming tends to be associated with children with Austim/ADHD/SPD but everyone stims in some ways.

Stimming can be in many forms: 
Examples of Visual stimming are enjoying Visual items such as: 
- Lava lamps, glitter lamps and glow sticks
- Fidget spinners and anything with movement.
- watching videos that are satisfying such as kentic sand and painting.

Auditory stimming involves sounds such as:
- clicking pens, pop tubes, fidget toys that click 
- repetitive music, ambient noises, singing

Oral is about the senses and taste these include:
- biting, licking or sucking on objects such as pen caps, shirts and hands.
- Alternative chewing such as with chewable jewellery and chew toys.
- Hard food such as candy 

Examples of stimming with smell can include: 
- sniffing clean laundry, food, essential oils
- diffusers, soaps, candles etc.

Tactile stimming is all about touch examples of these are:
- Fidget toys
- weighted blankets
- Soft objects such as fluffy socks, play dough, slime 
- koosh balls, water beads and more

Vestibular is about movement and balance Examples include: 
- swinging, spinning, rocking.

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