My birthday this year (17th) was definitely different from last year when I celebrated my 30th in lockdown. 

I've been so lucky and got many wonderful gifts including the 3 bunches of flowers below. Blake was in school for my birthday but I still got to enjoy time with him after school.

We all went to Prezzo once Blake had finished school. It was lovely being able to eat out again,  especially at a restaurant that we really enjoy. Blake absolutely loved it and ate alot, I really don't know where he puts it all. We all had a 3 course meal and were really stuffed after. Both Stuart and I also enjoyed a couple of mocktails which were really refreshing. 

Of course it's not birthday without cake and at Blake's request I had a chocolate cake. We ended up sharing some with our neighbours too who really get on well with. They actually popped round in the evening with flowers and a card as Blake's friend was insistent that I had them while it was my still my birthday. She had actually made a card for me while she was at school, which was really sweet of her.

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