The end of July is almost here which means its time to share what I have been reading this month. I've managed to get through five books this month. One of which was non fiction. 

The Recovery of Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel 
Rose Gold Watts believed she was sick for eighteen years.Turned out her mother was a really good liar.

After five years in prison, Patty Watts is finally free. All she wants is to put old grievances behind her, reconcile with the daughter who testified against her - and care for her new infant grandson.When Rose Gold agrees to have Patty move in, it seems their relationship is truly on the mend. And she has waited such a long time for her mother to come home.

But has Patty truly forgotten their past? Is Rose Gold really able to forgive?

I absolutely loved this book I was really gripped and was easy to read and fast paced. 

The House Share by Kate Helm
Seven housemates. Seven lies. Would you join . . . The House Share?

Immi thought she had found the perfect new home in central London: a shared warehouse with luxury accommodation, a rooftop terrace and daily yoga, all with a surprisingly affordable price tag. But soon after she moves into her new haven, Immi realises that it's not quite as idyllic as it appears. I enjoyed this one I loved the mix of characters and it was an enjoyable thriller.

The Cows by Dawn O'Porter 
The Cows is a powerful novel about three women. In all the noise of modern life, each needs to find their own voice.

It’s about friendship and being female.
It’s bold and brilliant.
It’s searingly perceptive.
It's about never following the herd.
And everyone is going to be talking about it.

Unfortunately I really didn't enjoy this one as much as I had hoped. It had a promising premise but just fell flat for me. I wasn't keen on the characters and just couldn't relate to them.

It's not OK to feel blue and other lies created by Scarlett Curtis

Everyone has a mental health. So we asked:
What does yours mean to you?
Over 70 people have shared their stories. Powerful, funny, moving, this book is here to tell you: It's OK!

Such a brilliant book on mental health. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety i found alot of people's stories in this book relatable. Definitely a must read but do be warned it can be quite a tough one to read.

Beach Read by Emily Henry 
He doesn't believe in happy endings.
She's lost her faith that they exist.
But could they find one together?

January is a hopeless romantic who likes narrating her life as if she's the heroine in a blockbuster movie.
Augustus is a serious literary type who thinks true love is a fairy-tale. January and Augustus are not going to get on.

But they actually have more in common than you'd think:

They're both broke.
They've got crippling writer's block.
They need to write bestsellers before the end of the summer.

The result? A bet to see who can get their book published first.The catch? They have to swap genres.The risk? In telling each other's stories, their worlds might be changed entirely...

So far I'm loving this light hearted read. A summery read just had to be picked up and this definitely is my kind of book.

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