choosing the right font for your logo

A few weeks ago I set up a new blog for all home related content. One of the things that was an important part of setting up my new blog was designing a new logo. It's not just as simple as designing a logo that you love, there's a lot more thinking behind it. For example, font styles of a logo communicate more than just the name of a company - they also promote the style and  personality of the brand. 

With this said I wanted to share with you some  advice on choosing the right font for your logo design. 

1. Prioritise Legibility 
Prioritising the legibility of the font you are using is definitely important. You want the font to not just be memorable to your brand but also easy to read. Heavily scripted fonts can be hard to read for example. The colour combination is also critical, trying to read light coloured text on a light coloured background can be difficult so opt for a contrast. I played around with different colours before settling with black font as it stood out the most against the green and white. Don't forget that it also needs to be legible no matter the size, especially as you may end up using it on business cards and other products.

2. Make sure it has a licence for commercial use
You can find many free fonts for commercial use so have a look around before deciding what to go for. It's important that you look out for the font having a commercial licence so you don't cross any legal lines.  Purchasing a font style doesn't always mean it can be used commercially. 

3. Learn about the font types
It's a good idea to learn about the different types of fonts available before you design your logo so you have an idea about the message you want to convey about your brand/business. Some fonts give a traditional or contemporary feel so it's worth looking at which you prefer. I chose to opt for the font Lora in italic as I like curves that give my logo an elegant typeface. It also has a feminine effect which is what eI wanted incorporated in my logo design. 

4. Use no more than two fonts
Simplicity is key when it comes to your logo design. Don't go crazy and try to incorporate lots of fonts in your design. 2 maximum is best and make sure if you are using two that they compliment or contrast each other. Two font styles tend to work with one for the business name and one for your tagline. 

5. Avoid overused fonts
Some fonts are used so often such as Times New Roman, Arial, comic sans. These fonts for example probably won't let your logo stand out.

6. Narrow down your choices
Trying out the fonts to see what your business name looks like and then taking a screenshot/saving it is a handy idea. This means you can look at a wide range and reduce it down to your favourites until you have finally narrowed it down to the one you will use. This is especially a great idea if you will be purchasing a new font. 

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