This week we went on the train for the first time in what feels like a long time. We went to Lincoln,  as we had booked tickets in advance to go and visit the castle.

About the castle
Built by William the Conqueror in 1068, Lincoln Castle has stood for hundreds of years as a symbol of power and seat of justice. Scale the heights of the Medieval Wall Walk, follow in the footsteps of prisoners in the Victorian Prison, and immerse yourself in the Magna Carta story. Discover 1000 years of history – where it happened.

Location and Admissions :
Lincoln Castle is located in the heart of Lincoln’s historic Cathedral Quarter.  This area is sometimes referred to as ‘uphill Lincoln’ and is full of quaint streets and independent shops, including the Bailgate shopping area and Lincoln’s famous Steep Hill.

If you book online you get a  10% discount.

As of writing this prices for 

A Day ticket are as follows:
 Children 5-16 Years : £7.20 
 Adults: £13.05 
Concessions: £12.15  
Family tickets are £33.30.

Prices for the Wall Walk only are as follows:
Children: £5.50
Adults: £10
Concessions: £9
Family Ticket : £25.50

The Magna Carta 

On 15 June 1215 it is said that King John and the barons met at Runnymede and agreed a charter of liberties that would change the course of history.  Magna Carta enshrined the principle that the king had to act within the rule of law and became one of the most celebrated documents in history with enduring worldwide influence. Lincoln’s Magna Carta, Charter of the Forest and a guest document are in the magnificent surroundings of the David P J Ross Magna Carta vault.  Don’t miss the stunning Great Charter Wall and Barons’ Shields, a feast for the eyes. 

There is also the underground widescreen cinema where you can immerse yourself in the story of King John, the barons and the birth of the Great Charter. We chose to miss this as we felt that with it being dark and loud Blake would be unable to cope.

The Victorian Prison 
Lincoln Castle’s Victorian Prison was designed for the 'separate system', an isolating regime that kept prisoners apart from the corrupting influence of their fellow prisoners. Men, women and children as young as eight were held here from 1848 to 1878.  During this time seven murderers were hanged at the castle and their bodies buried in Lucy Tower where their graves can still be seen there today.
We found the prisons to be a very interesting they had discovery cells where you can find an activity related to prison life such as laundry, Oakum picking and mat making. 

Medieval Wall Walk
The Medieval Wall Walk is a journey through the history of Lincoln and a vantage point for spectacular views across this beautiful city and surrounding countryside.  There is no finer view of Lincoln Cathedral than that from the castle's east wall battlements, which look onto the Cathedral’s majestic West Front and soaring spires.

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