You Would Choose Quick-Step Vinyl Above All


You may be indecisive about your flooring choices right now or be on the fence about it. You may want a laminate or hardwood floor, maybe some stone featured in the bathroom or kitchen for a variety.

The reason you are going to choose Quick-Step luxury vinyl for your home in three simple statements is fact and that's because those 3 statements deliver all you want from a floor.

It’s cheaper, it’s stronger and it’s better than the real thing it replicates. 


Your budget will always dictate what you can and cannot have - always has and always will.

So let's say you want a hardwood floor in your living room and kitchen. It's a great look and sets the mood right within the home. Your problem is that it's going to be expensive, and not only that you are going to need a professional fitter to install. Now your budget faces expensive hardwood planks and a the hour fitter to come and work by the hour.

Let’s take a look at the luxury vinyl flooring solution. First off it is among the cheapest flooring options on the market, but that doesn't mean it's reflected as a cheap product. So much work goes into the manufacturing of the wear layers for vinyl flooring planks, they come out more durable, comfortable, and resistant to scratches and stains than real wood. Secondly, it's perfectly replicating any style of wood you want, and the finished product is indistinguishable. Also, Quick-Step luxury vinyl can be fitted by yourself if you fancy a relatively easy project, which is saving you installation costs.

Your budget is already shifting towards vinyl by savings on these two expensive areas alone.


Earlier we mentioned the wear layers - here’s some technical stuff for you.

Luxury vinyl flooring has had extensive years of flooring research to maximise the product's lifespan, including the minimising of environmental impact on all materials utilized in manufacturing them. By adopting creative and innovative research into the design and service requirements of vinyl flooring, Quick-Step is a flooring option that has a warranty of up to 30 years, which pretty much cements its reputation.

By adopting revolutionary skills in making their product moisture-resistant, scratchproof, and watertight, Quick-Step luxury vinyl is sure to outlast any flooring competitor for decades.

Better Than the Real Thing

If you don’t believe us, then check out the ranges on offer.

Not only are you treated to a cost-effective and stronger alternative, but you also get perfectly replicated flooring whether you prefer light or dark woods or soothing stone designs. Take a look at the popular Quick-Step vinyl ranges for the incredible detail in its wood and stone designs and compare it to the real thing. If you were presented with pictures of both, you would swear Quick-Step was the real deal.

 Cheaper, Stronger, Better - Choose luxury vinyl flooring and be none the wiser but all the richer. 

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